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The Archeryshack was started in 1999 as a neighborhood archery range and tuning shop. Jeremy began working at Bucks and Bass in Anderson, SC as the archery manager in 2001 and stayed there until the business closed in 2008.  The Archeryshack has been one of the only archery service shops in the Upstate since 2008. The "shack" was relocated in 2013 and the outdoor range was setup. We offer any aspect of bow service, sales, or instruction and have great outdoor ranges for setting sights or coaching. We do not have an indoor range (yet) but we do also have a 12 lane 20 yard outdoor practice range in addition to our 10-100 yard bag targets and 5 3D targets that are on the range. Give us a shout if we can help! 864-735-8484.

$5 to shoot the range during store hours

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