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Choosing a beginner bow

One of our most popular experiences each day is someone coming in or calling wanting to get into archery. We start by asking a few questions, but one of the most important is "What is your price range?" This can have a big effect on the purchase, and we don't want to recommed a $800 setup when someone is only looking to spend $3-400.

I always recommend shooting a few in your price range to see which one feels best to you! Luckily we typically have dozens and dozens of bows to try out. Things such as adjustability, physical weight, and overall bow length have a lot to do with which bow you may like.

One of our most popular current bow selections is the Bear Legit. The Legit is super adjustable in weight and draw length. It can fit an older kid, lady, or man with ease. The package with the bow, sight, rest, wrist sling, and peep only runs $450 which includes personal setup and tune.

If you are in the market for a bow drop by the shop, or click the "Bow Purchase" tab at the top of the website to let us know what you are looking for! -jeremy

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