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Things to know before buying a used bow

In recent years with the rise of social media and online selling platforms we continue to see a rise in used bow sales. There are a few common sense things to consider when buying a used bow that I feel like we should go over:

1) if you are buying online PLEASE do not pay without protection. We have had countless people come in the shop who sent funds via Paypal friends and family and their item never got shipped. In an age where someone can quickly create a fake online account and scam folks, please be careful.

2) Know that a used bow does not have a warranty. If you buy a bow and the limb cracks a month later you will have to pay out of pocket. Generally a set of limbs can cost $150-$250 plus installation. Some folks sell their bow as "unregistered" but bow companies have got smart to this practice. They look to see if the shop calling in the warranty is the shop who originally had the bow shipped to them. We have seen cases where a guy brings in a bow with an issue, and when we call in warranty parts they don't cover it WHY because it was shipped to a shop in Arizona, yet we are in South Carolina.

3) Get detailed pictures before buying it. If you buy online, ask for several pictures before you buy. We have seen customers get bows that look decent in a listing but has major scratches and dings when it actually arrives.

4) Make sure it is shipped with insurance added! In a post-covid world, we have seen more missing and destroyed boxes than ever! Make sure who ever ships your bow covers it in case of accident. Generally carriers will only cover $50 total unless you purchase additional insurance.

Hopefully this helps you with your next bow purchase! -jeremy

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